Judge ruled in favor of two more police inspectors, government have 4 weeks to regulate scales.

~ Lyndon Lewis continues on the path of seeking justice and equality for his colleagues.~

PHILIPSBURG:— The court of First Instance ruled in favor of two police inspectors on Friday, they are Guzman Williams and Orlando Meyers. Both officers have been serving the Korps Politie for almost two decades but were denied their proper scales and salary. The officers were represented by their colleague Police Inspector Lydon Lewis.
The judge ordered the Minister of Justice to regulate the scales and salaries of the two officers within the next four weeks.
Lyndon Lewis represented 26 of his colleagues that were being victimized by the management of KPSM. Lewis himself is a victim of former Ministers of Justice who refused to deal with the problems he had with the Landsreacher but he also won his case in December 2017.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/28219-judge-ruled-in-favor-of-two-more-police-inspectors-government-have-4-weeks-to-regulate-scales.html