Kingdom Council to send Plasterk advice to Council of State for advice.

The HAGUE:— The Kingdom Council is treading cautiously before imposing an instruction on St. Maarten to establish an Integrity Chamber. On Friday when the agenda was debated in the presence of St. Maarten’s Prime Minister William Marlin and Minister of Finance the Kingdom Council have decided to send the advice submitted by Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations to the Council of State for an advice before moving forward.
The Kingdom Council also approves the proposal made by Plasterk.

The proposal states that the Integrity Chamber will have advisory functions. Based on several integrity reports conducted on St. Maarten it shows
suspicion of integrity violations and has compelling recommendations to the government of St. Maarten how to handle this. If necessary the integrity chamber will report violations if there are any offenses. In addition, the Integrity Chamber advises the government of St. Maarten integrity. The Integrity Chamber is appointed by the National Council of Ministers and reports thereto.

The content of the various reports on the integrity issues in St. Maarten shows that corruption, bribery, and nepotism are in all walks of life occurs, even in the political administration. Earlier there was agreement on St. Maarten where an integrity chamber was established and quartermaster was appointed, however, the agreement signed between St. Maarten and the Netherlands was overturned by the Constitutional Court on St. Maarten because it infringes on the rights to people’s privacy.

While the Prime Minister of St. Maarten made clear that he does not support corruption and integrity breaches, the Netherlands will not be allowed to force its will on St. Maarten based on an agreement that was annulled by the courts.

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Source: St. Martin News Network
Kingdom Council to send Plasterk advice to Council of State for advice.