Let the interest of the Country prevail, Henderson Insurances.

PHILIPSBURG:— We do not feel victimized, at all. When conducting business, it is along the lines of adding value to customers by finding the best coverage and defending their rights in event of a claim. This is our moral and legal obligation, one we have executed to the satisfaction of thousands of customers over the years.
We never go to the negotiating table with a sense of entitlement for any reason whatsoever. Instead, we demonstrate our “know how” and our “proven track record”.
Filing a claim on an insurance policy means that rights and obligations of the two parties “insured” vs “insurer” must be tested and interpreted based on (i)Law, (ii) General Policy Conditions, (iii) Clauses, (iv)Best Practices and sometimes (v)Jurisprudence.
The Law empowers us to represent customers’ interest particularly because they are considered the weaker party in the insurance agreement. Let us, therefore, be clear that we represent first and foremost, the interest of the insured.
Like many clients after hurricane Irma, the Government of Sint Maarten also engaged the Services of Henderson International.
The Government since fell resulting in alarming levels of stagnation for various reasons.
Despite the obstacles, there is to date, a proposed settlement of close to US$9,500,000.00 for 52 buildings (excluding inventories, Furniture’s, fixtures and fittings, Business Interruption, data reassembly cost, valuable papers, burglary, etc…) From this proposed settlement an advance of US$5,500,000.00 was paid to Government.
If the Government has found a person or entity that can perform a better service, we, in the interest of the country fully support this.
We would like to see this matter finalized and the needed repairs executed.
Secondary to the PEOPLES PROPERTIES being restored or replaced, we can address our grievances (if any) within the scope of our democracy.
Sincerely, Neil D. Henderson CEO

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