LU begins new school year With pride and excitement.

PHILIP[BURG:— Learning Unlimited Preparatory School (LU) began the 2018-19 school with a renewed sense of pride, vigor, and excitement following the ravages of Hurricane Irma. “We continue to focus on character education initiatives, college-ready skills, the use of data-to-drive instruction and to provide a consistent implementation of the curriculum in a rigorous manner so that we can continue to increase the achievement of all students,” LU Principal Daunesh Alcott said.

For its middle and upper school students this year, LU incorporated a number of new courses and extracurricular opportunities to further enhance the school environment. New to LU this year are several Advanced Placement (AP) courses including AP Calculus A/B, AP US Government and Politics, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Statistics and AP Mandarin, in addition to the many other AP course offerings already in our system.

Additionally, the LU Scuba Club is back, the Around the Island Relay Race teams, and the Model United Nations and the Debate Club. The school canteen was delayed by Irma, but has officially opened on Monday, September 3rd with a full breakfast, lunch, and snack menu to serve every student.

Also this year, LU has expanded its Toddler Academy facility in order to accommodate the numerous requests received by parents. “In line with the educational program offered here at LU, we aim to provide a fun and safe learning environment that would foster the development of the toddlers in our Toddler Academy. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our students through learning and play. We are staffed with caring professionals who take a personal interest in the growth and development of each student,” Alcott said.

He continued: “For this upcoming 2018/19 school year, we will continue to build on LU’s successful tradition of striving to improve in all areas. We again have moved forward with our strategic planning to expand our programs and curriculum offerings. We are happy to all of the returning members of the LU family, and welcome the new members that are joining us as students, parents, and staff.”

“We look forward to what we hope will be the best year ever at Learning Unlimited Preparatory School. With administration, staff, parents, and students working together, we can assure success in all of our goals and objectives, all the while keeping Learning Unlimited Preparatory School the only premier U.S.-Accredited educational experience in the Caribbean.”

Source: St. Martin News Network