Mark Mingo arrested by TBO and RST at PJIAE — House Search was conducted. (UPDATED 2)

markmingo07062017PHILIPSBURG:— Chief Executive Officer of AC Wathey Cruise and CargoFacilities Mark Mingo was taken by detectives while waiting to board a flight to Washington DC. According to well-placed information, SMN News received is that Mingo was asked by the detectives to accompany them to the offices for questioning. The source said Mingo was on his way to attend a business trip when police escorted him out of PJIAE.

At the moment there is no one from the Prosecutor’s Office available to the media on St. Maarten, therefore, SMN News could not confirm the detention of Mingo with the Prosecutor’s, however, a member of the Mingo family confirmed that Mark Bingo was detained on Wednesday while on his way to attend a business trip.

M.M. arrested on St. Maarten

Wednesday afternoon June 7th the 46-year-old M.M. was arrested at the airport of Sint Maarten. His arrest is in connection with the “Emerald” investigation.
The suspect is in the interest of the investigation in constraints. Therefore, no further information can be given in this case for the time being.
Meanwhile, the investigative team, TBO, and RST, under the leadership of the judge commissioned searched the house of the suspect.

The Emerald-investigation started in April 2016. The investigation started when the owner of a security company on Sint Maarten was suspected of falsity in writing, money laundering, and tax evasion. In November 2016 O.A. has arrested already in this case and property of him was seized.

The investigation is part of a larger investigation into fraud and corruption, also called undermining. This is a serious threat to the security and economy of the countries of the Dutch Carribean. TBO, RST, the national detectives of Curacao and Sint Maarten and the Public Prosecutors Office are all partners in the combating of undermining.

Prosecutor’s Office Press Release

The attorney for Mingo says his client is confident and offers to speak with the investigators, but his arrest on Wednesday was just for publicity.

This afternoon, Wednesday, June 7, Mark Mingo, Chief Executive Officer of St Maarten Harbour Group of Companies, was arrested by the TBO / RST. He denies having committed whatever criminal offense. He is of the opinion that the arrest only took place for publicity reasons, given the fact that his attorney told the TBO that he was willing to report himself freely in case one would wish to interrogate him. He faces the future with complete confidence.

Hans de Jong, Attorney

Source: St. Martin News Network
Mark Mingo arrested by TBO and RST at PJIAE — House Search was conducted. (UPDATED 2)