Marlin gives history on political fall-out locally and with the Netherlands prior to leaving office.


~ Politicians on St. Maarten had one common enemy, I was blamed for almost everything ~

PHILIPSBURG:— Ousted Prime Minister William Marlin held an emergency press conference on Friday where he gave a total recap on what transpired from 2014 to present that led to the Dutch Government forcing him out of office. The Kingdom Council of Ministers issued an instruction to the Governor of St. Maarten to execute the resignation of the Prime Minister William Marlin, it should be noted that Marlin submitted the resignation of the Marlin II Cabinet after the UP/DP/ Brownbill coalition passed a motion of no confidence against five Ministers of his cabinet, after that the said coalition passed a second motion ordering Marlin to leave office, none of which worked until the Kingdom Council issued an instruction to Governor Eugene Holiday.
Marlin in his presentation said that the Dutch wanted the Integrity Chamber established on St. Maarten at all cost, something he said will trample on the basic human rights of the people of St. Maarten. Marlin said that while he was blamed for almost everything since the passing of hurricane Irma, the main focus from the Dutch was to get the Integrity Chamber established at all cost in the way they wanted it forgetting the decisions taken by the Constitutional Court and the Council of State. Marlin also reminded that he drafted the legislation to curb ship jumping but that legislation was put aside by the Dutch because according to them will hinder the “free mandate”.
Marlin said that local politicians were planning to bring down the Red/White and Blue coalition and they chose to use the Dutch aid and the devastation of the country for their own political gain. Marlin said that SP cartoon that was published by one newspaper is a total insult to the people of St. Maarten while MPs on St. Maarten did not condemn that cartoon. However, they chose to become the rubber stamp of the Dutch to enable the Dutch Government to impose their will on St. Maarten even though it’s not right.
Marlin said he is not saying goodbye, he is simply resigning since the Dutch Government will send the Governor an LB to dismiss him. Marlin said he already resigned but he will leave office because he does not want to prolong the issue. Marlin said the Dutch Government cannot fire him as he did not do anything wrong instead he stood up to the Dutch Government after they were bent on enforcing their will on the people of St. Maarten with the help of local politicians.
“I am not quitting and I am not leaving,” however the National Alliance decided in 2014 during the party’s congress to hand over the NA leadership to the deputy leader Silveria Jacobs. Marlin said he stuck to his promise to allow the deputy leader lead the NA slate. Marlin also announced that he will be a candidate on the NA slate in 2018 and he will allow his fate to be in the hands of the people of St. Maarten and not the Dutch Government.
Marlin acknowledges that this may not be a good time for an election but if there is a political dispute then that dispute must be settled by the ballots and not otherwise. 


Source: St. Martin News Network


  1. Dear (former) PM William Marlin: Nothing makes me laugh more than hearing a washed-up, two-bit politician give us all a “history lesson” at curtain call. About the only thing you got right is that first bit about being blamed for everything.

    Also, I really love the term “ship jumping” that you have injected in there. I think this just means “what happens when somebody disagrees with you,” right? I mean, literally, right? So, for example, when Sarah Wescott-hyphenated-Williams disagreed with you about the reconstruction aid, and was told to sit down and shut up? It’s even more hilarious that you actually tried to pass a law to prevent this. This really cracks me up. I can’t even imagine how it would go down with my wife if I tried to pass some kind of anti-ship-jumping law here at my house. Jesus! I get the heeby-jeebies just thinking about that man.

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you the best and to let you know that you got one thing right (about people blaming you) and that I loved the ship-jumping thing. You have been an inspiration! But then again, I’m a glass-have-full kind of a Pete, so I don’t need much inspiration anyway.


    P.S. Hey Minister Sarah Wescott-hyphenated-Williams, if you’re reading this, I think you should invent a new term called “ship-sinking”. “Ship-sinking” is when a politician does something that people on the boat don’t agree with. Like, say, sinking the boat. Or maybe rejecting half a billion dollars for no good reason. You could even try to pass an “anti-ship-sinking” law, although the Dutch will probably object on the “free mandate” principal. Just an idea!