Martin Luther King student Nathan York found alive. (UPDATED)

PHILIPSBURG:— Youg Nathan York who went missing on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 has been found alive on Thursday morning. SMN News learned that the young lad was found not far away from his father’s house. It is further understood that he was found in a damaged bus and was not in very good condition. Police Spokesman Richardo Henson confirmed that the child has been found and taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center. Henson details on the child’s whereabouts and how he was found will be released later today.

Missing Nathan York found
The missing 12-year-old boy Nathan York who has been missing since Tuesday, February 6th has been found. He was found early this morning by his mother in an old abandoned bus close to the home of his father in Middle Region. He was asleep at the time and had on the same school uniform he was last seen wearing. The young boy seemed to be dehydrated and was not answering questions. It was immediately decided to take him to the hospital to get medical attention. On the way to the hospital, his parents met up with paramedics who immediately started treatment on the young boy. At the hospital, Nathan was checked out by a doctor and he was admitted for observation and further treatment.
The area where Nathan was located had been searched several times; however, Nathan was not at that location at those times. Due to the fact that it is still unclear what had happened with Nathan the location was temporarily closed off by police for further investigation. Detectives are presently questioning witnesses to gather as much information as possible to get a better picture of what took place. Nathan in the meantime is doing well, resting in the hospital and he is expected to make a full recovery.
The Police Department is commending the CPO’s and other officers for the effort and time they have put into this case. The department is also thanking the entire community of Sint Maarten who has done the tremendous job in the search and in the communication through Social Media and in other forms of communication, to help locate Nathan York.
Due to the sensitivity of the case and the best interest of Nathan York, no more details concerning this case will be given at this time. The investigation is ongoing and anyone who has information concerning this case should contact the Police Department by calling 54-22222 ext. 214/215

KPSM Press Release.

Source: St. Martin News Network