Member of Parliament Egbert Jurendy Doran organizes “Public Day”.

More public engagement by the leaders of this country is needed

PHILIPSBURG:— Member of Parliament Egbert Jurendy Doran has announced that starting Wednesday June 20th 2018, he will commence with a “public day”, whereby once a week, he will be meeting with members of the community.
MP Doran stated that based on a promise he made since he started his tenure as the people’s representative in the house of Parliament, on April 2nd 2018, he will set aside Wednesdays, to be able to have individual private meetings at his office with persons, in order to hear their concerns or suggestions.
These face to face meetings, besides bridging the gap, also serves to measure the pulse of the people, forging links between the public and Parliament, while at the same time creating solutions together.
“In order to represent well, one should have an informed view of what’s taking place out there in the community, and I am of the opinion that no representative should be making decisions on behalf of the people without knowing the actual facts and complexities surrounding the issues, which can only be obtained with a hands-on approach and communicating with the persons concerned”, MP Doran said.
“There needs to be more public engagement by the elected and appointed leaders of this country, and therefore I am excited to use this opportunity to be able to interact with the public, and in particular the young people of this country, in a more personal setting,” affirmed MP Doran.
The MP further stated that it is his intention to get the people engaged, by also giving them a sense of inclusion, so that the Parliament of this country will once again be able to gain their trust, as this trust has been rapidly declining over the past years. “We all know that people tend to trust only what they can relate to” said MP Doran.
The meetings will be organized into allocated time slots by appointments. In order to make an appointment, one should call the number (1-721) 542-2929 between 10.00 and 12pm, Monday through Friday and ask for Jennifer or Johnny.

Source: St. Martin News Network