MFK and PS got a whipping from Curaçao electorate, PAR absolute winner.

curacaovotes28042017Possible formation between PAR, MAN and PIN

Willemstad, Curaçao: – Partido Alterniva Real (PAR ) led by Eugene Ruggenaath emerged with the most votes at the end of the parliamentary election held on Friday, April 28th. Based on the trend when the results were announced it showed that the PAR was leading in most districts. The Movemientu Antillas Nobo (MAN) was not far behind. The Movementu Futuro Korsou (MFK) led by Gerrit Schotte did not do as well as they had expected.
The only polling station where the MFK obtained most of the votes was at the Sentro di Detenshon I Korekshon Korsou (formerly Bon Futuro Prison). Closely behind them was Korsou di Nos Tur (KDNT) led by Amparo dos Santos.
Long-time politician from Partido Nashonal di Pueblo, Suzy Camelia Romer who left and formed her own party about a month ago did fairly well. Romer led the party Partido Inovashon Nashonal (PIN).
It is clear that based on the outcome of the election it is highly likely that the next coalition government of Curacao will be formed by the PAR, MAN and PIN which may bring about stability in government for the young country.
curacaoseats28042017Clearly, the voters on Curacao chose stability and the only way out was to eliminate the smaller parties and ship jumpers. One of the oldest parties in Curacao politics PNP and Pueblo Soberano lost the confidence of the voters. Frente Obrero–Partido Aliansa Nobo (Frente-PAN), PNP and MKP, and UKH failed to obtain seats in parliament.
Preliminary results showed that the PAR obtained 6 seats, MAN 5 seats, MFK 5 seats KDNT 2 seats, PS 1 seat, MP 1 seat while the PIN also obtained 1 seat.
Of the electorate 78,815 voters headed to the polling stations on Friday and cast their votes.

Source: St. Martin News Network
MFK and PS got a whipping from Curaçao electorate, PAR absolute winner.