MHF launches new website.

PHILIPSBURG:— On Friday, the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) launched it’s new, now modern website, created by Daphne Wong A Foe – a 19-year-old Dutch student from The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). She came to MHF as an intern and was assigned to create a new website – something with a cleaner, fresher look that would take the organization to another level, and in period of 3 months, she managed to do just that with assistance of Bits for Biz’s Kenny Patterson, who is structurally helping MHF with its information technology.

According to Daphne, this website is the first that she has built on her own, and in the beginning it was really tough to figure everything out, but now that it’s coming to an end, she’s proud of what she made because it’s something she did out of love and passion for the St. Maarten community.

The new website includes things the older one didn’t have before, for example, the ability to request to make appointments online which makes it easier for clients to sit at the comfort of their own homes, not having to worry about not knowing what to do or bring, because the information is easily accessible.

People can also find the information for monetary donations easily, along with a list of items that can be donated as long as they’re in a good state of condition. There’s also a blog added where people can read stories or interviews about mental health and news about the foundation.

“It was fun,” she says, “It was fun working on it, and creating something new – making it a sophisticated, modern, and clean website. It’s a new start for MHF because as a business they want to appear professional and trustworthy to the community, so when they look at a design from MHF, they can trust they know what they’re doing.” The Mental Health Foundation’s management is very proud of the renewed website and would like to encourage everyone to have a look at it, and inform those who are looking for information or to get in touch with the Mental Health Foundation. The website can be accessed through the following link:

Source: St. Martin News Network