Mid-Isle awards two Paul Harris Fellows.

robbieferron18042017PHILIPSBURG:— During their 20th Anniversary Celebrations held at the restaurant Beirut The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle awarded two Paul Harris Fellow.
Robbie Ferron was awarded his PHF for his contribution to sailing on St. Maarten. Robbie was born in Cape Town, after completing his education he sailed across the Atlantic and “got pleasantly stuck on St. Maarten” in 1979. He began repairing boats and soon realized that accessing products, particularly the right products caused a lot of shoulder shrugging. He started a store in one of the rooms of his rented house which soon became too small and finally started a real shop. Robbie is a passionate sailor. He was also one of the persons who helped start the Annual Heineken Regatta. During the last few years, Mid Isle has had a car parking fundraiser at the Regatta.

chrisdeweever18042017Christopher Wever was awarded his PHF for his contribution to Education. He was born in Curacao and came to St. Maarten at an early age, after completing high School he continued his studies in Child Psychology in the states, after returning to SXM he worked in a primary school. Chris wanted to step up and work for the government in the education dept but needed European Certification, so he furthered his studies in the Netherlands. He is now working for the Government’s Education Department. One of his good friends, MP Brownbill, was asked to award the PHF to him.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
Mid-Isle awards two Paul Harris Fellows.