Minister Doran-York receives book from Ms. Anna Merab Richardson.

doranyorkakasha22082017AMSTERDAM/PHILIPSBURG:— On Tuesday, August 22nd, the Honourable Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten, Mrs. H. Doran-York, had the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Anna Merab Richardson, a daughter of the soil of Sint Maarten, and a dedicated humanitarian amongst other exemplary qualities, to her Cabinet.
The nature of this encounter, was for Ms. Richardson, who besides her many personal and professional achievements is also an author, to personally present Minister Doran-York with her book “The Akasha Book of Wisdom”
In her book, Ms. Richardson speaks about her journey into discovering the secrets of life in a most profound and spiritual manner. As a woman guided by spirituality, she gave an outline of her journey of life. She reminisced on her childhood on Sint Maarten, and the core values that she was taught as a child, which she now through her book, hopes will bring about an awareness of life to all.
In an ever-changing world, understanding one’s position in life and living that life in a respectful and humanitarian way, through giving back to the community while respecting one’s calling, in her view is the core message in understanding life as we know it today.
Ms. Richardson went on to inform the minister that the agreement had been reached with her publisher, to have the book also published in the Dutch language in order to reach an even broader audience.
Minister Doran-York after the almost 2 hours of listening and learning from Ms. Richardson, was deeply honored and proceeded to congratulate Ms. Richardson on this great achievement, stating that she can be assured that she has made her country very proud.
The Minister expressed the fact that she could not hide her pride in the fact that Ms. Anna Mehrab Richardson, daughter of the well-known Alec the Butcher, like herself, is a product of the Village of Middle Region. Ms. Richardson expressed equal sentiments and also uttered words of encouragements to the Minister in regards to her appointment to represent Sint Maarten in The Hague.
“Persons like Anna Mirab Richardson are very special and although not seeking the “stage”, should also be greatly recognized on Sint Maarten, their place of birth”, Minister Doran-York said, in closing the press release.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Minister Doran-York receives book from Ms. Anna Merab Richardson.