Minister Lee urges business community to prepare for increased Inspections.

PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of Public Health, Social Development, and Labor, Minister Lee has announced at Wednesday’s weekly Council of Ministers Press Briefing that the Inspectorate of VSA will begin with an intensified schedule for inspections. “Recognizing that improving compliance also includes making sure that government is clear about the information and regulations to which we are expecting compliance. Much of the information is readily available on” stated Minister Lee.
Minister Lee commented, “Within the Council of Ministers, there are discussions on how to work towards renewed interministerial cooperation with respect to controls and inspections. Improving compliance is critical for the community for a number of reasons, including loss of revenue for Government, exposure to Government for expenses such as medical evacuations for undocumented workers, unsafe and/or unfair working conditions, unfair business competition and most importantly missed opportunities for our citizens for employment.”
Minister Lee is urging all businesses to become informed about their responsibilities as a business operating on St. Maarten and must be compliant to the laws of the land. From a labor and health perspective the Inspectors will be looking for the following:

1. Copy of Chamber of Commerce (COCI) Registration for relevant year
2. Copy of Business License & Copy of Directors License
3. Copy of Labor Registration
4. Copies of the Employment and Residence Permits of the employees
5. Copies of SZV cards/SZV registration of employees or private insurance registration
6. Copy of List of Personnel
7. Work schedule of employees
8. Overtime Register of employees
9. Occupational Health and Safety Standards Compliance
– Sufficient lighting
– Clean environment
– Sufficient toilets and urinals
– Prevention measures for creation or distribution and removal of harmful or irritating vapors or gases or dust
– Prevention measures for accidents and standard procedures to provide assistance in case of accidents
– Clean drinking water or non-alcoholic beverages for employees free of charge
– Prevention measures to avoid poisoning, infection or occupation diseases
10. Proof that employees receive pay slips

As a reminder to the community, unless you fall into one categories below, you are obligated to obtain an employment permit in order to work.

1. A permanent resident
2. Married to a Dutch National
3. holding a Dutch Passport, you are obligated to obtain a work permit.

Minister Lee will at random be joining the Inspections by the Inspectorate at various business establishments in order to get a hands-on feel for what is taking place in the community and to better identify any challenges for the Inspectors and the business owners/managers.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Minister Lee urges business community to prepare for increased Inspections.


  1. I hope they are also going to visint non-registering business and stop visiting the same businesses all the time.