Minister of Justice threatens legal action against Fernando Clark for slander and defamation.

PHILIPSBURG:— Talk show host and former employee of the Pointe Blanche Prison Fernando Clark may face legal ramifications should he not issue a written statement within 24 hours.
Attorney at Law Jairo Bloem said in an email to SMN News that the Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever is not amused with the incorrect, slanderous and defamatory remarks/insinuations of Mr. Clark.
Bloem said Mr. Clark will receive a summons, early (Friday) tomorrow morning, to retract these statements within 24 hrs. and in addition to committing in writing to refrain from continued slander/defamation, failing which swift legal action will be undertaken.
Clark issued a press release on Thursday evening accusing the Minister of Justice of abuse of power as well as sexual harassment.

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Source: St. Martin News Network