Minister of Plenipotentiary held informative sessions for St. Maarteners in The Netherlands and cabinet members.

sintmaartenhouse04042017Amsterdam/PHILIPSBURG:— Minister Plenipotentiary Doran-York, organizes Informative Session for Sint Maarteners at Cabinet.
H.E. Mrs. H. Doran-York, Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten, on Saturday, April 1st, 2017, hosted the Sint Maarten population in the Netherlands at her Cabinet.
The program for the event consisted of various educational and motivational segments, and also the formal introduction of the Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten, Mr. Hasani Ellis to Sint Maarteners in the Netherlands.
The event saw a full house, and those in attendance included students, young professionals, middle-aged and older persons.
The first segment of the event saw dozens of Sint Maarteners and some friends of Sint Maarten, being welcomed to the Cabinet with johnny cakes and saltfish, and some warm soup. This continued with them having the opportunity to get acquainted and exchange information, followed with Her Excellency, Minister Doran-York, officially introducing His Excellency, Deputy Minister Hasani Ellis.
In his first official address to those in attendance to Sint Maarteners in Holland, the Deputy Minister reflected on the fact that there are still many in the Netherlands when asked about Sint Maarten, have limited or even no idea where Sint Maarten is. He explained that the best form of bringing about our island was through Sint Maarteners advertising our island throughout The Netherlands. He made mention of being extremely honored to serve his Country in the Netherlands. He further encouraged all the Young Professionals and students to continue to maintain close contact with the Cabinet and to utilize their expertise for the building of a strong nation.
The Minister Plenipotentiary Henrietta Doran-York, when planning this event, picked four Sint Maarteners to give interactive informative sessions on various topics.
The first speaker was Nerissa Cornelia, who as a student, was invited to speak on Student Life in the Netherlands. During her presentation, she encouraged students to stay the course and never to give up, no matter the hurdles that they may encounter on their way, as it will be worth it all in the long run. She also actively engaged the attendees on the topic the history and the meaning their names, to which they interacted with great enthusiasm.
The second presenter, Suzette Moses centered her inspirational talk around the will on following one’s dream or calling actively and passionately. Using her own experience in becoming an internationally renowned advocate for better understanding, treatment, and cure for those living with HIV-Aids. Suzette’s presentation was very intense, as it taught those in attendance to learn to accept others around them, no matter their misfortune, and to never discriminate.
The third presenter, Tishelle Daniel, an advanced medical student, who will soon be graduating, made here power point presentation on the risks of alcohol and smoking addiction. The powerful message brought forward was followed with many seeking information on how to curb the addictions and the ramifications associated with these forms of addiction, and a great deal of interaction among those in the crowd.
The last presenter of the afternoon was Edwina Hodge also a student, whose presentation dealt with Budgeting. Patrons were involved in doing budget related multiple choice quizzes, which in turn showed their spending and saving patterns. This presentation was a very active one and closed with everyone standing on their feet and participating in a budget-related game.
Minister Plenipotentiary Doran-York as well as all those in attendance, were extremely proud of four speakers and expressed her gratitude on behalf of herself, the Deputy Minister and her staff.
“It is the intention to organize more of these educational events for ourselves and our people here in The Netherlands, several times a year”, Doran-York said.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Minister of Plenipotentiary held informative sessions for St. Maarteners in The Netherlands and cabinet members.