Minister of TEATT visited demolition site.

PHILIPSBURG:— As demolition of the old Fire Station next to the Philipsburg Market started on Thursday, Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic & Telecommunication, TEATT Stuart Johnson felt the need to take a few minutes to visit the facility and spoke to the sub-contractor. The Minister wanted to ensure that workers exercised the necessary precautions to avoid creating any safety hazards for the vendors who sell their souvenirs on days when cruise ships are in port.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of TEATT Johnson said what is essential at this stage is to ensure that the temporary location for the vendors is kept hazard free. He also admonished the contractor to ensure that all debris from the demolition was removed. He said his ministry is looking forward to engaging with the vendors and “we will keep an open door for dialogue while we continue working together to find a permanent solution for our vendors.

The minister also praised his colleague, the Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure, Mr. Miklos Giterson, for his action in demolishing the old fire station which was an eyesore for residents and visitors alike. He is especially appreciative of the fact that the minister scheduled the demolition for the days when there were no cruise ships in port. Johnson who has been a strong advocate of clean-up said he wanted to ensure that all debris was removed correctly. Johnson is expecting to meet with the Philipsburg Vendors shortly to discuss plans for the redevelopment of the facility.

In the photo from the left, Senior Policy Advisor in the Cabinet of TEATT Regina Labega, Honourable Minister Johnson, Sub-Contractor Serge Smith, and Noreen Labega.
Source: St. Martin News Network