Ministry of TEATT Celebrates Successful Implementation of Plate Processing Initiative. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport, and Telecommunication (TEATT) is proud to announce the successful processing of all Bus B, Taxi, G, and T (Tours) along with R (Rental) license plate applications received from "Dutch National/Passport Holders" who completed the application process during Phases one (1) and two (2) of the transportation service improvement initiative brought forward by TEAT Minister Arthur Lambriex earlier this year.
Minister Lambriex announced Wednesday evening that the Ministry has reached a maximum number of these License Plates and can no longer accommodate new requests. "In line with our commitment to responsible governance and planning for the future, the Ministry has decided to reserve a portion of license plates for each category. This strategic move ensures that we can sustain a controlled annual growth rate of 1% to 2% while adhering to the established caps for each license plate category," said Minister Lambriex. This "forward-thinking approach" sets the stage for sustainable growth in the public transportation sector over the next decade without necessitating adjustments to the existing limits.

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