MLK Jr School joins SXM DOET.

mlkdoet06032017Dutch Quarter:—- The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School (MLK) will be a part of the upcoming SXM Doet project which will take place on March 10th & 11th, 2017. The project titled, “Beautification of Dr. MLK School” will involve the repainting of the entire school campus on March 11th from 7:00 a.m.

This special volunteer initiative is being Coordinated by Educational Assistant Tr. Alisha Brookes and School Management.

“I am looking forward to the approaching SXM Doet especially since this is the first year our school will be participating,” remarked Stuart Johnson School Manager of the Dr. MLK Primary School.

The last time the school campus was repainted dates to 2012 as soon as school management fell under its current responsibility. “It’s time we re-do what we did at the beginning of my tenure but now we will be cooperating our official school color which is purple,” Johnson said.

“Our list of volunteers continues to grow daily and I am extremely grateful for the support we continue to receive from the SXM Doet project leaders. I have no doubt this initiative will surely enhance the general school environment and its appearance,” Johnson added.
“Volunteers, community service groups, and companies are encouraged to contribute to make this activity an overwhelming success. I am looking forward to supports of all and Honored to have our Honorable Minister of Education Ms. Siliveria Jacobs with us too,” Johnson concluded.

The Dr. MLK Jr. Primary School is in the District of Dutch Quarter and anyone wanting to participate is encouraged to contact the school at 54-72441 or via e-mail correspondence: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
MLK Jr School joins SXM DOET.