More saga at SMHDF, more leaky homes, war within the Supervisory Board and tenants given letters about pets.

chrisemmanuel24052017PHILIPSBURG:— The tenants living in the Belvedere area under deplorable conditions got another surprise earlier this week when they received a letter from the foundation informing them that they are not allowed to have pets. But management of the SMHDF along with the Supervisory Board is yet to tell the tenants and homeowners when their homes will be repaired. At least four homeowners who bought their homes from SMHDF got homes with defects, yet these homes pass the inspection that was conducted by the department of VROMI.

SMN News learned that just recently SMHDF sold two other homes and at least one of the homeowners already reported that the walls of his new home is cracking just like the others.

Besides the lack of maintenance the Supervisory Board members are at war among themselves simply because at least one of them who ran for office on the UPP slate wanted his campaign manager to get the job as the technical manager for SMHDF. SMN News learned that because the former chairman did not go along with the ideas brought forth by some of the board members but opened the position so that people could apply and also got a firm to interview the candidates the other board members turned against the chairman and voted him out. SMN News further learned that while the Minister of VROMI called on the civil servants that are on the board to submit their resignation that is not yet done and it seems as though the SMHDF is operating more like a political body.

According to information reaching SMN News is that the tenants association BHOTA did not pay their taxes and Chamber fees and at least one member of that association is busy with fraudulent activities to get rid of the former chairman of SMHDF. The source said that the member also ran on a political slate and is now in arms with the current board and director who managed to get herself paid as a director way before her contract was signed.

On Wednesday SMN News asked the Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel if he was aware of the developments at SMHDF and the letter that was sent to the tenants. Minister Emmanuel said he is up to date as the tenants and homeowners are in constant contact with him. He said that the SMHDF asked for a meeting with him and he will grant them that meeting.

It should be noted that while civil servants are on the board article 55 and 56 of the LMA clearly states that these persons should not be on boards and foundations and if they are then they needed to get authorization from the Minister, besides that the LMA also clearly states that civil servants are not allowed to have a second job or second salary.


Source: St. Martin News Network
More saga at SMHDF, more leaky homes, war within the Supervisory Board and tenants given letters about pets.