MP Ardwell Irion presents motion to halt travel to Parlatino committee meetings.

PHILIPSBURG:— Member of Parliament (MP) Ardwell Irion presented a motion in parliament on October 24th, 2017 with the intention to halt the traveling to Parlatino meetings, with the exception of the general assembly, for at least one year effective immediately.
The MP stated that having experienced Parlatino for himself, he could say that it was a great experience with a lot of feedback and useful information that the members receive and learn from these meetings. Despite this, however, the MP explained that “we are in a crisis post-hurricane Irma” and thus presented a motion to place the traveling to Parlatino committee meetings on hold for at least one year to save on expenses since it is not possible to cancel or place the membership on hold.
The motion was approved with nine votes for and zero votes against by members of parliament. The motion is expected to save thousands of guilders in a time of crisis post-hurricane Irma and went into effect immediately.

Press Release from MP Ardwell Irion

Source: St. Martin News Network