MP Theodore Heyliger appeared before Court of Appeals as Prosecutor seeks to Prosecute Catfish.

PHILIPSBURG:— Member of Parliament Theodore Heyliger appeared before a panel of judges as the Prosecutor Office seeks permission from the court to investigate and prosecute MP Theodore Heyliger. The catfish investigation began in August 2017 and it has to do with alleged bribery.
As investigators begin their investigation after former MP Romain Lavelle filed a complaint against Heyliger for trying to bribe him to jump ship During the investigation the case against the UPP/ UD leader widens as the Prosecution began looking at alleged vote buying during the recent Parliamentary elections.
So far the Prosecutor’s Office refused to comment on the case as they are awaiting the decision of the court on whether or not they will be allowed to prosecute MP Heyliger.On Tuesday July 3rd 2018 MP Heyliger was summoned for the first hearing which was postponed to August 7th 2018 as he sought permission from the court to travel overseas.

Source: St. Martin News Network