Much interest for cyber conference on April 11.

WILLEMSTAD CURACAO:— The Attorney-general’s Office (PPG), RST and DataExpert are organizing the Caribbean Cybercrime Conference on 11 April 2018. A sequel to a previously organized cyber conference in 2016 on Aruba.

The subject at the conference will be “Cybercrime and Digital Forensis” (cybercrime and digital detection). One of the speakers is Deon Olton from Caribbean Cybersecurity Center (CCSC). Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath will conclude the conference with a short speech.

The target group for the cyber conference is the business community, investigation services, government, Judges, Prosecutors and those in the judicial chain in the region. To date, 130 people have already registered for participation in the conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Otrobanda.

Source: St. Martin News Network