National Institute of Arts – (NIA) In house gymnastics competition.

PHILIPSBURG:— 48 children took part in NIA’s In-House Gymnastics Competition at Asha Stevens Christian Hillside School Gymnasium on the 17th of June, 2018.
On the day of the competition all gymnasts exhibited great flexibility, strength and agility. The day was separated in two rounds, with six different categories according to age and level. In the morning the categories 3-6 years and 7-9 years from the developmental stream competed. These boys and girls showed their skills on all four events: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor. In the category 3-6 years,Cato de Wilde came in First place, followed by Caylin Korvalec in Second place and Aliyah Lugisse in Third place. In the category 7-9 years Nikiva Da Silva took home the Gold, while Carlynaisha John took home Silver and Chidera Ejingiri and Jaiden Defoe shared the Bronze medal.
In the afternoon the other four categories competed. Asha Lake finished in First place in the category 10-12 years of the developmental stream. She was followed by Stefanie Fredericks in Second place and Shiloh Bedminister in Third place. In the category 12+ years, Gabrielle Brooks got the highest all-around score, earning her a Gold medal. Michelle London did not stay far behind and collected the Silver medal, while Xavier Carty got in third place.
Before the last award ceremony the audience was entertained by the students of the Circus Arts Department. A beautiful display of among others: juggling, hoops and aerial skills were enjoyed.
Also the NIA Competition team demonstrated their skills. From all the strong competitors, Jill-Ann Kartijoatmo led the way in the category 7-9 years. Regal Peterson came in Second place and Jada Frederick came in Third place. Venicia Tobias had the highest all-around score in the category, closely followed by Amisha Lake. Sasha Tobias came in Third place in that category.
The event was organized to raise funds for uneven bars. The past two years NIA’s competition team has been competing locally and abroad, with great results. However due to damages caused by hurricane Irma, the gymnastics department has lost its access to uneven bars. In order for NIA’s gymnasts to get back on track the upcoming season, uneven bars are highly needed. Fortunately CC1 and Domino’s believed in this cause and showed their generosity by sponsoring drinks and pizzas for the event.
NIA would like to thank all sponsors, parents and spectators for coming out to support our cause and gymnasts. As of the 20th of August, 2018 NIA will be ready to start its new season. Registrations are already open, sign up early and receive an early-bird incentive. For more information contact the school at 543-0600

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Source: St. Martin News Network