National Institute of Arts Recapping a Year in Medals.

niacnd23052017PHILIPSBURG:— As NIA celebrates the 4th Anniversary of the coming together of St. Maarten 2 most prestigious and longest artists training center, Imbali Center for Creative Movement and Motiance Dance school, we take this time to share with you and bring you up to date with the series of events that took place since the year began.
This joining, born out of the vision to came together to create to a broader, more comprehensive platform for interdisciplinary art education gave birth to the National Institute of Arts –NIA.
The collaboration is alive and flourishing. The year 2017, began with a series of regional and international competition in gymnastic and dance that have propelled NIA to new heights.

On the eve of the departure of NIA students to another international competitive arena, allows a moment of recapping of the accolades and award earned since March 2017. The competition was literally coming one after the other allowing no time to rest on hard won laurels. As one competition ended, students and teachers Annelies Steenbeek, Stephanie Haseth, Ambarl Gounden and Peggy Oulerich where back on the grind, training hard for their next event to meet international standards and preparedness.

NIA takes the time now to share with you the triumphs of NIA students as they excelled in the various elements and arenas.
On March 4th the following student Venicia Tobias, Nyah Kalmera, Regal Peterson, Jada Fredericks, Jill-Ann Kartijoatmo and Meissa Austen Competed at the at the Club the de Gym Competition Honneur Poussine Gym:
At the completion of that event, Venicia Tobias and Nyah Kalmera
scored points high enough which allowed them to make the gymnastic Team to compete in the Team Competition for Guadeloupe Regional Team Gymnastic competition. That same day students, Sasha Tobias competed in the Benjamin Category and received an honorable mention for her effort.

On March 18 Club the de Gym in collaboration with NIA presented, Parcours 2017 which consisted of 70 gymnastic athletes who train on both sides of the islands. Jada Frederick distinguished herself by winning a gold medal in her category. Xavier Carty placed second winning a silver Medal. The rest of the teams were awarded the following placings. For the Parcours: – Benjamin category: Amisha Lake 2nd place – Poussine 2009:
Jada Fredericks first place and Maissa Austen 3rd place – Poussine 2010: Xhyann Duzong first place and Aditi Rajpal 2nd place – rounding out the final selection for the boys in the Benjamin boys Category: 2nd place Xavier Carty. The list concludes with the following ranking. Poussine 2008: Sofie Van der Hoogen 2nd place and Florianthe Boasman 3rd place

March 19 St. Maarten hosted the Individual Territorial Gymnastic Competition in which Nyah Kalmera, Regal Peterson, and Venicia Tobias participated. The results yielded scores for Nyah Peterson and Venicia Tobias to qualify for the Regional competition in Guadeloupe
The results for the individual territorial championship of the 19th of march yielded the following medals – Excellence catégorie Zoe van Zadelhoff first place – Poussine 2009: Nyah Kalmera 3rd place, Regal Peterson 4th place. Poussine 2008: Venicia Tobias 5th place

On April 1 NIA travelled with our Gymnastic Partner Club de Gym to Guadeloupe for Team competition at the Team Regional Gymnastic Championship Team. Competing under Club de Gym Team, Nyah Kalmera and Venicia Tobias with their team were awarded a group gold medal for their efforts.

April 21 NIA students were part of a delegation of dancers who competed at the Regional French Federation of Dance competition held at the Sandy Ground Cultural Center, in which some 100 students from St. Martin, St. Barth’s and St. Maarten participated. NIA students medaled Gold, Silver and Bronze in several categories.
Winning Gold at the regional level allowed NIA students to qualify for the national championship which take place May 25 to 28 in Champagne France.

Immediately following her Gold Medal performance at the Regional French Federation of Dance competition, the multi-talented and versatile dancer and gymnast Zoe van Zadelhoff, travelled to Martinique On May 11 to 14 which Team Coach Gracienne Riom and Peggy Oulerich to compete in the Jeux des Isle International sport competition where some 500 athletes hailing from the European Island competed.

Zoe competing for the first time in this Arena that featured 12 sporting events, 5 of which were judged by Olympic judges, placed 4th in a hard fought battle, and Team St.Maarten placed third in gymnastic category.

That same month on May 21 and 22 Students Nyah Kalmera and Venicia Tobias travelled to Martinique to participate in the Regional Individual Gymnastic competition where Venicia placed 7th in her category and Nyah medaled bronze.

As of the writing of this press release NIA Students
Zack Phipps
Kiara Vanterpool
Naomi Warsop
Lian Borsje
Zoë van Zadelhoff
Faith Peterson
Ray-Angel Simon
Jeremiah Davis
Are deep in training to travel to France to compete at the confederation National de Danse the CND, in Champagne France. The student trained by NIA teachers and staff have been looking forward to this event with much anticipation as they will be tested in an arena of champion dancers, all gold medalist in their territory.

The CND is a competition last 3 days and features 2500 entries. Team NIA parents, teachers and students have been fundraising furiously to raise the necessary capital to travel to France to compete in this prestigious competition.
Nia extends our deepest and most profound gratitude to all the business, friends, families and NIA supporters who have contributed financially, and emotionally to get us to this level.
Team NIA departs Wednesday, May 24 and returns to St. Maarten on Sunday, May 28.

Source: St. Martin News Network
National Institute of Arts Recapping a Year in Medals.