Nature Foundation St. Maarten Alarmed about the Deterioration of Local Coral Reefs and Re-surveyed the Impact of Coral Disease; many Coral Colonies Perished in the last two Years. | SMN News

PHILIPSBURG:— The Nature Foundation St. Maarten is very concerned about the state of the local coral reefs, which is one of the most important ecosystems for St. Maarten; as it is providing coastline protection from storms, delivering clear waters, a home for fishes and it is an important tourist attraction. Over the last two years, many coral colonies have died and disappeared from St. Maarten reefs, leaving bare coral skeletons behind. A relatively new coral disease ‘Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease’ (SCTLD) was first discovered in 2018 on St. Maarten reefs and since then the disease has been monitored

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