NIA offers Circus Arts Summer Camp 2017.

nia28062017PHILIPSBURG:— National Institute of Arts is proud to announce Summer camp to 2017. This year our summer camp will be introducing the circus arts. As the main activity for children as young as 5 to 15.
Nia circus arts will feature aerial training, juggling, balancing acts, acrobatics, basic tumbling skills and many more fun activities for children and teens.

the classes will be conducted by Circus performing artists Olga Subbota and husband Alex Shilai world travelers who have chosen to make St. Maarten their home.
Already Alex and Olga have been impacting the St. Maarten entertainment industry with their new brand of artistry by coaching St. Maarten youth in the Carnival queen show arena and performing on the road during the grand parade.

Registration for NIA circus camp begins Friday-Thursday, June 29 at NIA located at the John Larmonie Center from 10 am until 5 pm. Circus camp begins Wednesday, July 5 and continue to August 4 and will take place at the Asha Stevens Campus Christian Hillside School on Cay-hill for more information please contact NIA 1-721-543-0600 or Olga can also email NIA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The classes are available to children as young 5 to teens of 15 years of age. Circus Arts is a relatively new addition to the performance arts industry offering much learning and physical training in fun and safe environment and

Source: St. Martin News Network
NIA offers Circus Arts Summer Camp 2017.