Nine PJIAE employees dismissed for alleged theft from Penha store.


AIRPORT:— At least 16 employees of the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) were caught on camera stealing merchandise from the Penha store located in the Airport Terminal Building. SMN News understands that this incident occurred mid-October 2017.
SMN News learned that the employees even confessed to the management of PJIAE when confronted with the allegations when the store owner filed a complaint with the management of PJIAE. According to sources, the employees claimed that an employee of Penha gave them the permission to cart off the merchandise but that employee denounces the claims made by PJIAE employees.
SMN News learned that seven of the 16 employees that were accused of the theft returned the merchandise mostly perfumes but the other nine chose to keep the stolen items.
PJIAE management took measures against the employees, those that returned the stolen items were given a stern warning letter but were kept in service while the nine employees that chose to keep the stolen items were dismissed.
SMN News contacted the CEO of PJIAE Michel Hyman who said that an incident did occur at PJIAE that involved employees, however, Hyman said that since the police and the prosecutor’s office are involved in the case he is unable to divulge any information to the media.

Source: St. Martin News Network


  1. I am one of the ex employees of P.j.i.a . And as in all things involving limited info , the accusation is incorrect .they have been promising to deal with this quietly but after seeing the news about us I have no choice but to speak up .the airport is badly damaged and of course the financial stain has made outcasts out of us with an ingenious ploy .i gave in my perfume and have witnessed to attest to the fact . And did those people who gave back give everything .why didn’t the media come to us to hear the full story ? If we broke the law how can the airport be the judge of some for the crime and some forgiven if this is a police matter ?ask the right questions why would workers who never stole a thing from the airport (as I was in the hurricane response team and slept there many nights unpaid up to this day for that informing them of infractions made even by the military when taking of goods was found and reported to mucked Hyman .being on the job for more than twenty four hours . Right after the hurricane the was no electricity no cameras no light .if we wanted to “steal”anything would all that time from September not have been perfect to get anything ? Before the media goes off and tries to defame people’s name they should proper investigative reporting . Why does human decline to comment ?i we have been unlawfullydismissed,the union ABVO has been dragging their feet and letting airport control everything while we languish in dispair and now this . If you need to know the FACTS instead of rumors from sources find me you already know my name . Contact me I got a letter that my union had to send to the herald since last year and to find out through sources that it was recalled . Why ? And who are they to recall a letter without informing us ? But now I know they were waiting for this .