NIPA instructed to apologize to Farah Busby-Richardson.

PHILIPSBURG:— In the verdict of 20 October 2017, the Court of First Instance instructed NIPA to apologize to Mrs. Busby-Richardson for their unjustified accusations and false statements in the Daily Herald newspaper back in July 2017. The judge ordered them to rectify their statements and apologize to Mrs. Busby-Richardson who resigned from her position and immediately filed an injunction for rectification following NIPA’s accusations back in July. NIPA still owes Mrs. Busby-Richardson her July salary and a year’s vacation pay which were refused by Mrs. Busby -Richardson because they requested that she sign a non-disclosure form, which barred her from talking about NIPA, in order to receive her check. Mrs Busby-Richardson refused to be silenced and took them to court.

In addition, the Appellate Court also denied NIPA’s request to suspend the 1st decision. As per the 1st decision, they have to apologize and rectify their statements made in the media. NIPA did not want to rectify and apologize so they filed a case in which they asked the Appellate Court to suspend the 1st decision. This was denied by the Court as the Court felt Mrs. Busby-Richardson is justified in her claim for rectification and apology to her is due. There are no grounds to suspend the 1st decision and NIPA has to pay Nafl. 2000 guilders for legal fees and the other monies owed to her.

Click here to view the verdicts for both cases and the rectification sent out by the AVE Board.

Source: St. Martin News Network