Ottley says Formateur should stop playing games with the public “Swearing in or not swearing in?” | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— In the wake of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the formation of the new government in St. Maarten, the Honorable demissionair Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA), and Member of Parliament for the United People’s Party, Omar Ottley says, "Formateur Dr Luc Mercelina should be more forthcoming about the results of the screening process in the interest of transparency to the electorate.”

As St. Maarten finds itself embroiled in a political saga during carnival, the fate of ministerial candidates hangs in the balance. The public, ministerial candidates and their families are now gripped by uncertainty as the screening process for potential ministers unfolds amid allegations of lack of transparency and political maneuvering. A major concern is the prolonged delay in announcing the screening process results, with no information forthcoming from the Formateur, leaving many candidates in limbo.

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