Police officers execute: "Turning the Page" Project.

kpsmturningthepage26032017SUCKER GARDEN:— On Saturday March 25th, 2017 police officers Sharetti Hooi and Lavell Wilson executed their project called “Turning the Page”. This project was inspired by their fallen colleague Gamali Benjamin who lost his life in the line of duty and is being guided by the C.P.O. Inspector Helen Romeo. The project location is the crossing of Arch Road/Soualiga Road next to Johnnies 2 Supermarket. This location, on which two containers are placed, and on which the following words are pray painted; “R.I.P. Gamali how life turn out to be. We sorry”, was chosen to be where the project would start.
The plan of action by the two officers was to have this graffiti removed and replaced with something attractive and positive. It is with great cooperation from external partners such as Mr. Joclyn Arrindell, Mr. Leroy La Paix along with his daughter and friend, Mr. Eugene Heyliger and son, Mr. Rafael Arridell, Mr. Zabion Arrindell, management of Johnnie’s 2 Super, the Department of VROMI and other volunteers, that these two containers were painted on Saturday March 25th. All of the paint and and other material were provided by the Sucker Garden Community Center.
The next stage of the project is a beautiful drawing in graffiti will cover these two containers. Signs with “No loitering and No littering” along with garbage bins from VROMI will be placed at that location.

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Source: St. Martin News Network
Police officers execute: "Turning the Page" Project.