Preparations made to ensure tourism industry.

PHILIPSBURG:— As Tropical Storm Isaac approaches the Lesser Antilles, necessary preparations are being taken by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which has been activated on Monday, September 10th by Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin.
The St. Maarten Tourism Bureau is working relentlessly to obtain the necessary data to be able to make an accurate assessment of tourism-related businesses prior to and after Tropical Storm Isaac. Additionally, the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau together with local hoteliers, have actionable plans and arrangements in place to secure the safety of our guests and will continue to monitor Tropical Storm Isaac.
At the time of this Press Release, Tropical Storm Isaac poses no direct threat to St. Maarten. However, because Isaac is such a small system there are many uncertainties with the forecast according to the Meteorological Department of St. Maarten.
Because there will be little to no impact on the island due to Tropical Storm Isaac, businesses including hotels and restaurants will continue to operate as usual. The St. Maarten Tourism Bureau encourages guests currently on the island to continue enjoying the many available fun things to do and urges future travelers not to be discouraged by the storm to visit St. Maarten. The island and it’s resilient people has come a long way from where we were one year ago and depends on tourism, the main economic income, to further rebuild the island even better.

Source: St. Martin News Network