President Gibbs’ 2018 Christmas Address.

My dear friends,
As Christmas is fast approaching, it is the season to share and celebrate with our loved ones.
This holiday season comes after a long period of challenging months. This break is a necessary breath of fresh air that is essential to all of us to recharge our energies in order to continue pushing forward with our reconstruction, whether it is a personal or a collective one.
15 months have passed and we have come a long way. Compared to other territories, the reconstruction of our island is now on the right track. You should be proud of the efforts you have put into getting back up again and rebuilding Saint-Martin.
Beautiful projects are emerging, projects that are related to tourism – which is the heart of our economy. Public projects to organize our infrastructures and as well as personal projects that you have taken on for your own reconstruction.
Going through such an ordeal leaves traces but it also allows us to surpass ourselves, to become stronger and more resilient. From this experience, we all have learned a lesson.
I extend my encouragements to all of those who on a daily basis invest themselves and who believe in the potential of our Friendly Island.
I have a particular thought for our elders whose resilience year after year has guided our path and our actions. They are an example for the younger generations, a red lantern that lights our roads.
I am also very proud of our youth, which has repeatedly proven its capabilities through brilliant studies, the creation of innovative businesses or simply by contributing to the reconstruction.
This break at the end of year reminds us of how important it is to share these celebrations with our family. Some are not as fortunate, I think of those who are alone or who are far from Saint-Martin.
My thoughts go out to all of those who are going through a difficult time, who are facing health problems, and I invite everyone to strengthen their family ties and help each other in the face of adversity.
My Vice-Presidents, the elected members of the Territorial Council, join me in wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.
Happy Holidays to all!

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Source: St. Martin News Network