Prime Minister Marlin says “Powerful sign of solidarity from the people of the Netherlands”

williammarlin15092017PHILIPSBURG:— The government of Sint Maarten is extremely grateful for the support of the people of the Netherlands. Yesterday, a total of €13,3 million was raised in the Netherlands during the day-long national event ‘Nederland helpt Sint Maarten’ telethon. The funding will go towards those that were impacted by the disastrous Hurricane Irma. Prime Minister, William Marlin endorses the response of Red Cross director Mr. Gijs de Vries: “What a great day and great return. The Netherlands is now shoulder to shoulder for the victims of this devastating hurricane.” Prime Minister reacts that he was immensely touched and moved when he heard that Dutch children had emptied their piggy bank to be able to donate to the hurricane victims on Sint Maarten. It is an unprecedented outpouring of support in the face of disaster.
“This funding will allow us to serve our community with the reconstruction and rebuilding that our country needs”, the Prime Minister declared. “With it, we can get the people of Sint Maarten back into their homes and back to work. The support will provide essential materials, supplies and services to our community. It will aid our disaster relief efforts and support the good work of our relief organizations in helping to rebuild our nation. We are proud of their tireless dedication and work they are putting in to help those affected.
Together with the Red Cross and other expert organizations priorities will be set on how to spend to-be-received funds. “We are focused on getting our country back on its feet. We thank the generous citizens in the Netherlands and will never forget their generosity and their continuous support to our community in our time of need. It is testimony of the bond we have.”

DCOMM Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
Prime Minister Marlin says “Powerful sign of solidarity from the people of the Netherlands”