Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds donates to NIA.

PHILIPSBURG:— Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds donates to National Institute of Arts to assist with ART HEALS, Hurricane Relief Arts Program. ART HEALS now in its 6th week was created as a direct response to Hurricane Irma and its aftermath. “We knew that as a result of these cataclysmic weather conditions, the community would need some relief from stresses and trauma brought on by the storm” says Co-Director of NIA Clara Reyes “What we know for sure, is that the arts have proven through its many forms of therapies to be a very effective and generating tangible results from creative expressive activities to bring about healing”.

ART HEALS, Hurricane Relief Arts Program is a program open to all and free of cost to the participant’s thanks in part to Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds, Art Saves lives Foundation and the commitment and dedication of NIA teachers and staff. Classes are daily from 3:30pm to 6:30 pm At the John Larmonie Center located on the Long Wall road. There something for everyone from Capoeira with teacher Jacque Heemskerk to Yoga with teacher Arlene Halley.

NIA teachers and staff have been volunteering their time and donating their expertise to make this program possible. “The community response in attendance is a confirmation that this program is providing a much need service” says Arlene Halley Co–Director of NIA. “Many classes featured opportunity for both parent and child to participate in the program and The Funds received by the Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds provides some financial assistance to cover teacher’s salary there by keeping the program free of cost to the community”. Ms. Halley further states that “we are very happy with the turn out”.

ART HEALS, will end December 16, 2017 with a showcase and a presentation on the benefits of life engaged in creative expressive experiences.

Please visit our NIA offices at the John Larmonie Center. The building at this time has no internet or phone services. It’s best to drop by after 3pm for more information. The program is open to all no cost. ART HEALS Hurricane Relief Arts Program. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network