Prins Willem Alexander School celebrates 45th anniversary.

PHILIPSBURG:— School year 2018-2019 marks the 45th year anniversary for The Prins Willem Alexander School (PWAS). The school was developed in the early ’70s ( 1973) in response to the need to establish a school setting that would cater to students whose educational functioning placed them at a disadvantage in the regular classroom setting.

The Prins Willem Alexander School is an elementary school for children with special needs. Its aim is to provide these students with special educational programs and related services based on their unique needs and to prepare them to function within the community. An individualized program (IEP) is developed for each child and the teachers provide a holistic approach to teaching while making each lesson student-centered.
Parents are an integral part of the educational process and are encouraged to visit the school.

The vision statement of Prins Willem Alexander,: ”A place of continuous learning in order to develop social, physical, emotional, academic and cultural skills at the child’s own level.”, continues to be our goal today as we mark our 45th anniversary year.

To celebrate this milestone, PWAS Management under the leadership of acting Director Ms. Norma Barry, in collaboration with Division Public Education has organized a program on March 1st, 2019 at the Dr. Alma Fleming-Rogers Care Center in Belvedere where the PWAS school is currently housed until is completely finished.

Here are some pictorials of Prins Willem Alexander Students in action.

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Source: St. Martin News Network