Prosecutor demands 12-year prison sentence for suspect in “Over the Bank” fatal stabbing.

“Bayonet” investigation

PHILIPSBURG:— The Public Prosecutor leading the “Bayonet” investigation, demanded in the Court of First Instance on Wednesday, a prison sentence of 12 years for the suspect L.A.R. (24), for the fatal stabbing of victim R.J.A., in the “Over the Bank” area on September 17th, 2017.

Following the questioning of several witnesses and forensic investigations, the Public Prosecutor said that it has been clearly proven that L.A.R. was responsible for the death of R.J.A.

Moreover, there are indications that the stabbing is the result of a long-running conflict about, amongst other things, noise pollution and the payment of rent. The victim R.J.A. rented a home from the suspect’s mother in “Over the Bank”.

“The psychological and psychiatric examinations conducted on the suspect indicate a personality disorder, psychoses and possibly also megalomania. This means that the defendant should undergo mental treatment in the best interest of the community, but also in the interests of himself.

However, this is not possible on St. Maarten because such a clinic is not available. This is why the protection of others in the community from the defendant is of high priority. For that reason, I requested such a high prison sentence. It is important for the government of St. Maarten to invest in a solution in the absence of a mental clinic so that perpetrators with a disorder can be treated and the society of St. Maarten can be better protected. There have been too many similar stabbing incidents on the island,” said the Public Prosecutor.

Prosecutors Office Press Release.

Source: St. Martin News Network