Prosecutor”s Office closed case on the death of 20-year old Thomas.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Prosecutor’s Office chose to close the investigation into the death of the 20-year-old female who collapsed after the Jouvert Jump Up and later died. Spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office Norman Serphos said that the doctor ruled the death as that of ‘natural causes’ but he also confirmed that ecstasy was found in her urine but the amount found was not enough to cause the death of the young woman.
Serphos said people were questioned and there is no indication for the Prosecutor’s Office to continue the investigation. He did say that the Prosecutor’s Office knows the cause of death but they are not at liberty to divulge that information.
Serphos could not explain if the ecstasy found in the young woman system could have caused an allergic reaction or if the young lady was suffering from hypertension.
SMN News learned that the young woman died of brain hemorrhage after a vein ruptured in her head.
Since the prosecutor’s office close the case and an autopsy will not be performed it is not yet known if the relatives of the young woman will try to get a second opinion on the cause of death of their loved one.
It must be noted that SMMC does not have a neurologist in service and the police doctors have a record of declaring deaths as “natural causes” but in at least two instances they were wrong as both persons they said died of natural causes were murdered.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Prosecutor”s Office closed case on the death of 20-year old Thomas.