Prosecutor’s Office distances itself from the statements made by Mr. Frans Richardson

PHILIPSBURG:— The Public Prosecutor’s Office does not recognize the statement of Mr. Richardson made in Parliament and to the media about the theft of jewelry by two TBO members in December 2016 and that these persons had returned to the Netherlands without repercussion.

The letter circulated by Mr. Richardson has not been written by Mrs. Festen or sent to former Chief Prosecutor of Sint Maarten Mr. Mann, so he did not receive it either. The letterhead is from the Joint Court of Justice where Festen has never worked. Mrs. Hanneke Festen is currently the Chief Prosecutor on Curaçao and was TBO team leader before that.

The Prosecutor’s Office sees no grounds for the claims made by Richardson, therefore no reason to investigate further. The Prosecutor’s Office expressly distances itself from the statements made by Mr. Richardson.

Prosecutor’s Office Press Release.

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Source: St. Martin News Network