PWR Hour Celebrates 5th Years on November 14.

PWR Hour celebrates 5th anniversary during Global Entrepreneurship Week

PHILIPSBURG:—  PWR Hour was launched on November 23, 2013, during Global Entrepreneurship Week and quickly became St. Maarten’s premier networking event for entrepreneurs and professionals. To date, this event alone has brought together more than 1000 entrepreneurs and professionals together. Keynote speakers that have spoken at the PWR Hour include Mr. Imran McSood, chairman of Nagico, Mr. Jean Arnell, co-managing director of COMPUTECH, and Arun Jagtiani, chief executive officer & founder of Island Real Estate. Though there are a few success stories of businesses starting after receiving tips at a PWR Hour, one notable one is We’s Johnnycakes. They provide frozen Johnny cakes which are available at several local supermarkets and can be fried without having to be fully thawed.
During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 on November 14, PWR Hour will celebrate 5 years of connecting and inspiring local entrepreneurs and professionals. PWR Hour is now produced by Produce Wealth Revolution Agency (aka “The PWR Agency”), St. Maarten’s first business incubator, started by serial entrepreneur Ife Badejo. In addition to offering affordable office and meeting spaces for start-ups and small businesses, the PWR Agency provides business support services to help entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses successfully.
More than a year later of the hurricanes of 2017, it is evident that these kinds of experiences are important to support business growth. According to the Chamber of Commerce there has been a significant increase of new businesses in 2018. Many of these businesses do not have the resources such as high performing teams and marketing budgets to help them operate efficiently and market their business accurately. PWR Hour was designed to help address these challenges by providing information and connecting businesses to work profitably together.
On November 24, the theme is “Dominate Digitally”. There will be a mini workshop highlighting key strategies to build more resilient businesses, reach larger audiences, and operate more efficiently. Another key element of this PWR Hour is the business matching. Start-ups and small business owners, who are interested, will be able to match with several potential clients and collaborators in a unique way.

With St. Maarten’s economy being made up of about 89% small businesses, the role of entrepreneurs and small businesses is imperative to the economic recovery of this nation. Therefore, at the PWR Hour, there will be a prelaunch of a resource which will assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners to connect, do business with each other and solutions to some of the more pressing business challenges.
As PWR Hour celebrates its 5th year, there will be a few prizes in store that evening. Location will be announced shortly. Registration is $30, includes refreshments materials and admits two persons. For more information or to register, email the business and events coordinator, Kharl Oliver at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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