Rectification from the AVE Board.


In The Daily Herald of 5 July 2017, the board of the Foundation for the Promotion of Secondary Vocational Education and Education (hereafter: NIPA), through Mr. Aventurin, made statements about Ms. Farrah Richardson-Busby, then a teacher at NIPA, that a parent a complaint with NIPA has submitted in connection with the distribution of pornographic material in a Whatsapp chat and that the involvement of Mrs. Richardson -Busby is investigated, that Mrs. Richardson-Busby has an aggressive personality and that she always abuses her power as a teacher with influence on her students . By judgment of 20 October 2017, the Court of First Instance held that, by making that statement, NIPA acted unlawfully towards Ms. Busby-Richardson and ordered NIPA to post that correction. This is why the statements made in The Daily Herald of 5 July 2017 as not being considered.

Rectification from Advancement for Vocational Education Foundation

Source: St. Martin News Network