Registration for Home Repair Program for the Elderly & Disabled closing soon.

PHILIPSBURG:— Minister Emil Lee is proud to announce the launch of the ministry’s pilot Home Repair project for the Elderly and Disabled. “During my first tenure, it became very clear that there is a need in our community for a program that assists our elderly and disabled who are financially disadvantaged and cannot afford to make basic repairs to their homes in order to make their homes livable and dignified. I believe that we have taken a very positive and structural approach, and would like to commend Ms. Aida Holaman from the Department Community Development, Family & Humanitarian Affairs (CDFHA) for the exceptional job done in putting this project together. Not only is it a project that will benefit our elderly and disabled, but it also engages our youth and the business community”, said Minister Lee at Wednesday’s press briefing.

The project is focused on eliminating safety hazards, enhance security, and improving the quality of life. Three (3) established general contractors have been selected to work on the project, K.S General Construction & Maintenance Services, Elite Development Team, and Denton’s Quality Builders N.V. Minister Lee commended the participating general contractors for giving back to the community and embracing this social program understanding that there is no financial gain. These contractors are not participating driven by motivations of profit.

In addition to providing much-needed repairs to the homes of those in need, the program is creating an opportunity for students at vocational schools to do their internship with one of the participating construction companies. Students from Milton Peters College and the St. Maarten Vocational Training School will be under the supervision of the general contractors and have the opportunity to give back to the community while gaining some experience that could stimulate their interest in entering the labor sector as a skilled worker. NIPA will be participating in the project in the area of hospitality and care in order to provide a social package to some of our seniors and disabled. This care plan package highlights areas such as hygiene in and around the home, nutrition, and cooking. Seniors and disabled assisted in the program are also subjected to follow the care plan set by CDFHA in order to ensure that they do not regress into the same social condition(s). Other secondary schools have also expressed their interest in being involved and they will assist with post-construction cleanup and general cleaning inside and around the house.

Minister Emil Lee expressed concerns about the limited funds available for the project and reached out to businesses that are willing to participate and provide materials on social basis to assist with the project. Businesses that are interested in supporting can contact Community Development, Family & Humanitarian Affairs at 542-1122.

Registration for this project will be closed by May 26, 2017, and anyone that would like to register can do so at various Community Help Desks. Registrants must be of age sixty (60) or more for seniors and eighteen years and up for the disabled (there is no maximum age). All registrants must go through the screening process in order to qualify, and it is important to note that extensive repairs do not fall within the scope of this project.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Registration for Home Repair Program for the Elderly & Disabled closing soon.