Repairs at Police head Quarters and Simpson Bay police station commence.

PHILIPSBURG:— The long-awaited repairs and mold remediation of the Police Head Quarters in Philipsburg and the Simpson Bay Police station have finally started on Monday, January 21st. Both police stations were severely damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Since the passing of these hurricanes, the process to get the funds to have these two buildings repaired has been a challenge. Nevertheless, the funds have now been allocated and the contracts with contractors have been signed.
The first phase of these projects started at the Police Head Quarters in Philipsburg where the roof is being cleaned for repair, windows are being replaced and outfitted with hurricane shutters and on the inside, the entire building will be cleaned and treated for mold.
The work will be carried out during normal working hours. Some offices will be temporarily relocated until the work has been finalized. The work may cause minor inconvenience but should not disrupt the regular service to the public.

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Source: St. Martin News Network