Response to URSM’s statements. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— I, Kevin Maingrette, categorically deny all the allegations mentioned in the recent press release by the Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement (URSM). At no time have I accepted any gifts, promises, or offers from anyone. My morals and upbringing have always guided me to act with integrity, and I have steadfastly rejected any such advances.

The audacity of the current government to attempt to scapegoat me is both disappointing and revealing. It is clear that the government, which has repeatedly failed to govern with transparency, honesty, and selflessness, is now attempting to deflect its shortcomings onto me. I joined the coalition with the sincere belief that we were working for the betterment of Sint Maarten, only to discover that many within the coalition were more focused on revenge and positioning their friends rather than serving the public interest.

Where is the promised transparency for our community of Sint Maarten? As I have always promised my country, I will continue to put the interests of Sint Maarten first, no matter how difficult the decisions may be. I understand that not everyone will agree with my actions, and I respect differing opinions. If my decision has caused disappointment to some, I sincerely apologize, but I am confident that it is the best decision for our country.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent me words of encouragement. Your support has been invaluable during this challenging time. As I swore when I took the Oath, I remain committed to putting Sint Maarten first and working tirelessly for the welfare of our nation.

Kevin Maingrette

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