Saint Martin Politicians have lost touch with the people, instead they live on Social media.

MARIGOT: — After analyzing and speaking to several persons living on Saint Martin it became clear that the people realized a few things and their way of showing it was to abstain from voting these past two Sundays. When a nation becomes carefree and refused to participate in elections one must realize that the country is in trouble and their needs to be a way to fix such a problem
A well-known family that has quite a number of voters in their household told SMN News when they were asked why they did not exercise their democratic right to vote. The family was very blunt with their answer by stating that the politicians today have lost touch with the community even though this is a small island. The family who prefers to remain anonymous said the very politicians that called on them for their votes would pass them on the streets without greeting them once they are elected. To obtain an appointment to see the elected officials after they are being elected is tantamount to committing a crime because those very politicians would refuse to see the people that put them in office, worst of all these politicians change their phone numbers the moment they are elected, which means they cannot be reached on the numbers they distributed during the election campaign.
The family went on to say that there are a few things the politicians don’t seem to realize one being that not having contact with their people and seeing the reality of their lives cost them at the polls. The message was simple, politician’s today chose to be on social media such as Facebook but what they don’t realize is that FACEBOOK likes are not votes.
“These politicians took over FACEBOOK with their political campaign, they interact with people they don’t even know but they want the people that living on St. Martin to vote for them, yet they pass their neighbors on the street without greeting them. They don’t care about the well-being of the people. Can you imagine a government that imposes a fee for the tax declaration? While this legal in the eyes of the elected where is their moral? How could tax payers pay to get their tax declaration? How could you ask people living on social welfare to pay for such a document?
With the voters participation on Sunday it shows that 54.8% of the voters did not vote, while this figure is not accurate due to the inaccurate voter’s registration it still demonstrated that not even 50% or 10,000 people did not head to the polling stations these past two Sundays.
Yes, it’s clear that the people that voted wanted a change, and that change was to have the younger generation in office rather that the same old faces that did not do much for the people St. Martin. It also shows that changing party names, and colors did not work this time around and the politicians that claim they love their country and people need to reshuffle their priorities if they intend to continue with their political careers.
Even those that supported TEAM GIBBS 2017 were heard saying that they elected them to office and they are willing to give him some time to clean up the mess when they take office but after a certain time they expect him to deliver and if he does not deliver the same way they put him and his team in office they will take them out. While rejoicing Sunday night and dancing to the TEAM GIBBS theme song they made it clear that they will remain vigilant because they are the ones that placed the new set of people in office and they expect change.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Saint Martin Politicians have lost touch with the people, instead they live on Social media.