SDM asking for immediate action points landfill – smoldering landfill health, environmental and socio-economic risk.

Governments uncontrolled landfill, located in the heart of St. Maarten is severely contaminating the air but also leaching toxic materials into the ground and the Great Salt Pond. A major environmental liability. In addition, the landfill could be at risk of exploding and this is not your regular tourist attraction. “In light of the current situation in which some households where asked to
evacuate and businesses were forced to close down or endured a loss of income due to a decline in clients, I believe the public has a right to know what governments intentions are in solving this on the short to long term”, says Mr. rtega, leader of The St. Maarten Development Movement. SDM is fully aware of the attempts to out the fire. SDM also applauds the Prime Minister for taking the right decision in closing down schools and buildings in the area. But what will be done next? Will students and civil servants just return to work when the smoke is gone? Or will the buildings be tested for dioxin levels
first and maybe even asbestos. The public has no idea what was burning exactly and which toxins where released. Irma caused a lot of damage to older buildings that could have contained any kind of toxic materials that were brought to our landfill.
“As aspiring parliamentarian, it’s my duty to speak on behalf of all affected by this and to address the government on what seems to be a lack of action, which is the purpose of this press release”.
Landfill fires happen all over the world and could be

Source: St. Martin News Network