Section Economic Control very active regarding compliance of supermarkets and grocers in first quarter

GREAT BAY (DCOMM):— Section Economic Control Inspection Service of the Ministry Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), have been busy carrying out a number of controls of supermarkets making sure that they comply with current regulations and laws.

According to the 2017 Year Plan of the Ministry, a survey was carried out of 126 small grocers and supermarkets with respect to determining the current state of affairs within this important economic sector.

On the basis of the information gathered during this survey, the Economic Control Section has commenced carrying out controls which will continue in the coming months in a multi-disciplinary fashion as announced earlier by Government, whereby Section Economic Control will be part of a team comprising of other government entities.

Some of the things that were controlled during the first quarter of 2017 were: whether grocers and supermarkets were operating according to the stipulations in their licenses; which establishments have a kitchen and produce hot food on a daily basis; display of product pricing; properly calibrated weighing instruments and measuring devices etc.

The controls will continue for the foreseeable future and Section Economic Control is asking business owners and the general public for their cooperation to ensure compliance with existing applicable laws.

Section Economic Control is located at Cannegieter Street #23 upstairs, next to Sister Borgia School in Philipsburg.

Any businesses requiring information can call 542-5641 or 542-4509 during office hours for any queries that you may have. The department may also be contacted via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
Section Economic Control very active regarding compliance of supermarkets and grocers in first quarter