SEHOS stops elective surgeries due to financial constraints.

sehos18012017WILLEMSTAD:— The St. Elizabeth Hospital (SEHOS) has stopped all elective surgeries for the next two weeks, and only emergency surgeries will be performed due to financial constraints of the country’s hospital. The stop order was issued by the board of directors last Friday to all surgery disciplines. The stop goes into effect as of Monday, March 6th to March 17th.
Based the letter sent to the surgery disciplines all electives surgeries have been postponed to due to the lack of materials.
A similar situation of this nature had occurred in August 2016, currently, the management of SEHOS is working on a financial agreement SVB Curacao to secure funding in order for them to be fully functional.
Due to the support from SVB key suppliers payments were guaranteed.
Seemingly, there is the structural solution for SEHOS in the very near future, while the Association for the Medical Specialists already indicated that they are fed-up with the current situation that is plaguing SEHOS which in turn affects patients.

Source: St. Martin News Network
SEHOS stops elective surgeries due to financial constraints.