Senior citizen robbed, beaten and almost raped by lone intruder.

PHILIPSBURG:— Residents of Middle Region are enraged over an incident that took place in their neighborhood Saturday night. Several of the residents who spoke to SMN News stated that a lone intruder broke into the home of an 84-year-old woman, the intruder robbed the home while he severely assaulted the elderly woman by beating her and even went as far by trying to rape her.
The residents said that when the intruder was done he fled from the home and the elderly woman managed to get out of her house and seek help from her neighbors that are operating a bar next to the home where the robbery and assault took place.
While the incident was reported to police, the police have not issued any statement on the case. SMN News contacted Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson on Monday for information on the case and Henson said he was unaware of such a case, Henson promised to provide information on Tuesday if he manages to get information from the detective department.
As the news spread about the incident several residents are expressing their concerns as to what happened to a senior citizen and they are wondering if the police department is doing enough to capture the intruder who found it fit to assault and rob an elderly citizen.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Senior citizen robbed, beaten and almost raped by lone intruder.