SER Curaçao delivers advice on the introduction of paternity leave. | SMN NEWS

Willemstad:— The Social and Economic Council (SER) of Curaçao delivered yesterday a detailed opinion on an initiative bill to introduce a paternity leave scheme. The initiative was proposed by the MAN fraction in the Parliament and aims to introduce a general five-working-day paternity leave scheme for fathers upon the birth of their child.
The consultation request was received in the last quarter of last year. However, the advisory process took longer than anticipated due to a reprioritization of the SER's research and advisory agenda in the final months of 2023. Nevertheless, the council conducted extensive research on the topic, including in-depth analyses of existing literature, country comparative research, and interviews with various stakeholders.
The opinion of the SER, requested by the Chairwoman of the Parliament of Curaçao, plays a vital role in the legislative process and aims to inform the Parliament of the possible socioeconomic effects of implementing the envisioned scheme.
The SER assessed all relevant aspects of the proposed initiative bill, including the legal and financial consequences and socioeconomic impact. In addition, the council made recommendations for communicating the changes to adequately inform both employers and employees about the new regulation.
According to the tripartite advisory body, this move marks an important development in Curaçao's socioeconomic legislation, with potential long-term effects on the labor market and society.

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