SER Curaçao receives detailed briefing on draft national health care market regulation. | SMN NEWS

Willemstad:— Today, the Social and Economic Council (SER) of Curaçao received an extensive briefing from the drafters of the draft National Health Care Market Regulation. This briefing was provided by representatives from the Telecommunications and Post Office (BT&P) and the Directorate for Legislation and Legal Affairs (WJZ). The draft regulation had been previously submitted to the SER for advisory purposes.
The draft National Health Care Market Regulation aims to oversee and regulate the healthcare market, ensuring the legality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, insurance, and procurement. During the briefing, the drafters underscored the necessity of this regulation to better manage healthcare costs and create a more efficient healthcare system.
The BT&P will assume a supervisory role. This means that the BT&P, as an independent administrative body with expertise in price and quality regulation, will be responsible for market oversight, market development, and the regulation of rates and performance within the healthcare sector. This regulation is considered crucial to prevent unregulated negotiations between healthcare providers and insurers from resulting in adverse social outcomes.
A critical point raised during the briefing was the need for clear and enforceable terms and procedures within the draft regulation to prevent ambiguities and misunderstandings among the involved parties. The BT&P will play a pivotal role in ensuring a transparent and fair system that safeguards the interests of all stakeholders in the healthcare sector.
The SER of Curaçao values the thorough explanation and the transparency of the process. The council has already initiated a careful review of the draft regulation. Based on this review, along with the additional insights gained from the briefing, the SER will formulate an advisory opinion. In doing so, the SER will consider the diverse interests of stakeholders within the healthcare sector, striving for a balanced and socioeconomically fair market regulation that benefits the entire society.

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